The Bass Maiden


WIN! has studied with some incredible bass masters on her musical journey ~ including Stuart Hamm (best known for his work with guitarist Joe Satriani), and Troy Tipton of the amazing Nor-Cal prog-metal band Zero Hour.


Her live band history began in an early 90s original punk project RIDLIN' (featuring Rockin' Rob Dapello, on vocals and guitar - RIP L). In the late 90s she went on to front the band Classic Rage, an 80s Metal focused cover band playing classics by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica. 


In the Y2K decade she worked in two San Francisco based projects Teeze, (also an 80s metal tribute) and LICK, which was an all girl tribute to the Rolling Stones .  2006-2009 she spent providing low-end support for the Bay Area classic rock all-female cover band, the CoverGrrlz.


WIN! is now supporting the original hard rock band, Gundacker, and a Sammy Hagar Tribute, Rock the Nation.


It doesn't matter how you play the game,
it only matters if you WIN!